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fue hair transplant in gurugram, haryana
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Fue Hair Transplant In Gurgaon

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE), also known as follicular transfer (FT), is a minimally invasive hair transplantation technique in which follicular unit grafts (hair follicles) are individually removed from the patient's donor area and then individually transplanted to the recipient (thinning) area.

How FUE Hair Transplant is done AT SQUARE ROOT

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Using a tiny one-millimetre or less in diameter instrument, the physician will remove individual follicular units from the patient’s scalp. The device makes a tiny circular incision around the follicular unit to isolate the graft. The graft is then extracted directly from the scalp using a tweezers-like instrument, and then prepared for placement by our team of skilled technicians. Working with high-powered stereo microscopes, these specially trained technicians isolate, prepare and ensure that the follicular grafts remain in optimal condition. Follicular units are arranged into groups depending on the number of hairs contained within each follicle (1-4 hairs are commonly found within each follicle).
The placement of these follicular units is what sets the stage for SQUARE ROOT natural-looking results and artistic

fue hair transplant in gurgaon

Note: FUE incorporates the latest, minimally invasive technology and advanced grafting techniques. Your SQUARE ROOT physician can help you determine which technology or technique is best for you. Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation are offered at SQUARE ROOT Centre.

Benefits of FUE Hair transplant from SQUARE ROOT


  • No stitches; donor area appears mostly unchanged within days
  • Natural-looking and permanent results
  • State-of-the-art minimally invasive technique
  • Simple outpatient procedure
  • Fast recovery; many patients return to work the next day
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